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From the heart of Brooklyn, Eye For Ear is attempting to terraform the musical landscape. Their concept album, ‘Qualia,’ digs up truths about the human condition to celebrate and question, and covers up the lines in the sand between genres, between sight and sound.

From the big bang to the big rip, ‘Qualia’ takes the viewer on a 13 song audio-visual vocal electronic odyssey through space and time.  Each track offers a glimpse into a new territory.  

For the first time in 2024, using  diverse tools, from slime mold simulations to dynamic sky software, Eye For Ear will materialize Qualia for the world to experience firsthand.   Follow @eyeforear to embark on this journey. 

01. Studio

The work of Eye For Ear is created in a renovated basement woodshop in Williamsburg.  In the studio, panels of LEDs hang on old discarded elevator parts from the Woolworth Building and alum crystals grow in a large horse trough next to the vacuum chamber used for resin pours.  Synths, LED fixtures, raspberry pi boxes, and motors crowd the shelves in patient anticipation for their next use. 

02. People

Members of Eye For Ear were determined by random selection via Supercomputer.  Many others have helped  and contributed to the project, and a big thank you to those people as well.


Eye For Ear leverages a broad spectrum of digital and hardware tools, licensed assets, and community knowledge to craft their audio-visual experiences. 

In some cases, AI diffusion techniques are incorporated into the visuals; trust that you can find transparency in the song documentation on this site.  No AI generated audio is used in the music of Qualia.

Please note, Lasers and Strobes are frequently used in the work of Eye For Ear, please be cautious when sharing these experiences with individuals susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.

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